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We at the U Deserve a Chance Foundation work hard to level the playing field in youth baseball for players as well as home-town recreation organizations.  We are a non-profit organization created to promote the game of baseball in communities and to develop young baseball players.


UDACF aims to bridge the financial gap for individuals and organizations that are unable to afford the spiraling costs of participating in the sport. In doing this, we hope to help pave pathways to the future for our youth in need.


            Baseball organizations across the country, from little league to college levels, are losing opportunities to teach and develop good potential ball players. This is because the avenues necessary to play at the college level and above have become affordable only for middle to upper class families. The system does not provide for kids in rural or urban settings that cannot afford the high costs of travel and showcase baseball.  And as such, these kids get left behind – they miss out on training, physical and mental skill development, playing time, visibility and most of all, the possibilities for their future that are only available by staying in the game.    


            Participation in spring, summer and fall baseball programs is critical to ensuring that these young athletes do not fall behind their more fortunate peers. Without the additional time spent in these leagues, even the chance to play for their school teams is at risk because they may not be able to keep pace or play at the same level as the other players.

With the loss of this continued opportunity, not only do the less fortunate players suffer, the overall game of baseball suffers. The game is losing a high concentration of athletes in the pool of participants at all levels.


            The grass roots efforts of UDACF is helping to fill the gap between need and fulfillment of dreams.


            Our results-driven focus allows us to provide scholarships, camps, coaches clinics, collegiate visibility, and personal mentorship.  We are committed to the preservation of the game of baseball in our communities and our success is demonstrated in the number of players we have helped go on to play in college every year.


We start at the youngest levels with outreach programs to build interest in the sport and teach the wonderful men and women that volunteer their time to coach.  We take the “show on the road” by traveling to urban and rural towns and providing clinics, equipment and guest speaker forums. 


Please help us to continue these efforts and expand our reach!  Be a part of our baseball revolution by contributing to U Deserve A Chance. Sponsor a Collegiate Road Trip, provide a scholarship for an athlete, donate equipment, or sign up for one of our subscription donor levels.  Please contribute to the athletic and academic futures of our young athletes.


            Visit www.udacf.org for more information. All donations are tax deductible.


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